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Defenders of a Small World

I’m pretty sure I had to do A Small World for my very first LD in 2012. I didn’t finish but you can see a video of the game play on youtube.

In the Night Sky

In the Night Sky

This week I released a demo track to my Soundcloud page called In the Night Sky.


And I’m done!

Ludum Dare 35 Game Play

I’ve got no idea what I’m calling this but the idea of the game is to merge different coloured blocks to create a shape based off of a tetrimino. Merging two blocks the same colour creates a shape and changes the colour. Merge all of the blocks until you have the shape.

The LD35 Theme is in!

And it’s shapeshift… That’s quite a broad one. Time for some brainstorming.

Previous Ludum Dare's

I’ve been having a look through this site and I’ve managed to find a few of my previous Ludum Dare entries!

Ludum Dare 35 Voting

It’s that time of year again! Ludum Dare, pretty much the only time I update this blog.


And Trollhammer is finished!

Troll Lives!

This is Troll, the star of the game:

Half Way There

It’s just past the half way mark and I’ve got… something. The basics of the game play are in place, although there are few features I’d like to add, and a lot of the graphics are in place.

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