Ludum Dare 35 Game Play

I’ve got no idea what I’m calling this but the idea of the game is to merge different coloured blocks to create a shape based off of a tetrimino. Merging two blocks the same colour creates a shape and changes the colour. Merge all of the blocks until you have the shape.

  1. Several different colour blocks are displayed in a grid,
  2. Tap two adjacent blocks of the same colour,
  3. The blocks merge together and change colour,
  4. Repeat until you have the final shape.

Stage One Stage Two Stage Three Stage Four

There’s a colour chain of e.g. red -> green -> blue, which informs how the blocks change colour.

There’s an indicator showing what shape you need to create.

The game gets harder by:

  1. Introducing more blocks
  2. Introducing more colours
  3. Removing the colour from the target indicator