War Stories

I’ve just released the third part of the Knights of Elevar series, again, through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

War Stories differs from Healer and Ilias Awoke in that it’s a collection of short stories. I originally planned for the novel to be a collection — a sort of vignette of stories — telling the larger story. This was going to consist of longer pieces of writing interspersed with shorter pieces. War Stories seemed to be an apt name as the civil war is a prominent feature in the series. This gave me the chance to explore more of the world — both its people and cultures — that I was creating, with the lead characters in a back seat role.

This part of the Knights of Elevar series collects the shorter stories which make up the War Stories of the novel. When I came to put the collection together for this release I discovered I hadn’t written quite as much as I thought. I’d intended to have at least five stories but I found I only had two complete: Blood of Kallamra and Kidnap. Mutiny was about 40% complete, Valec, son of Valec was the intro to what was going to be a longer piece (also incomplete) while Breaking Bellun was completely new — I actually wrote that as a warm up for this year’s Nanowrimo.

If you read War Stories feel free to write a review, I’d love to hear what you think about it!