The Great Self-published Fantasy Blog-off Review

My first self-published novel, Knight’s of Elevar, has been reviewed by Bob Milne as part of the The Great Self-published Fantasy Blog-off. It looks like I won’t be going through to the next round but I’m really pleased with what he has to say.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It helps that it’s a rather short novella, at just 127 pages, but I was well into the latter half of it before I thought to check whether I’d passed the first 50 pages. The writing was solid, and the dialogue fit the characters as well as their world, which I’ve found is often a challenge in self-published fantasy. The pacing was just about perfect, which makes sense given that it was originally published as 5 short stories, although the format does make for some abrupt scene breaks that were a bit jarring in places. Overall, I thought the world building was exceptionally strong for the length of the tale, especially since Goff accomplishes it without info dumping on the reader.