Ilias Awoke

Late last night I released my very first self-published short story through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Ilias Awoke is the first part in the Knights of Elevar series, which I’ll be releasing every fortnight. The five part series follows the life of Ilias Brand, sometimes with him as the central character, other times in a more secondary role.

I started the series towards the end of 2007 after a disturbing dream. I woke with the rough idea for the plot in my mind and the characters came together over the next few weeks. This started some world building and a novel plan which I never entirely finished. The Knights of Elevar forms the first part of the novel plan, which covers the rise of the main characters. I attempted the second half as my first Nanowrimo, which I never completed. I may revisit it, but I have other, fresher ideas that I want to work on at the moment.