I’ve just released the second part of the Knights of Elevar series, again, through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Healer follows on directly from Ilias Awoke, but moves away from Ilias Brand, focusing more on the politics of the world at large. Healer is a story told by Azi, an adept of the Holy Order of Atar, who doesn’t follow the traditional martial role of a knight.

Ilias still features prominently in the story, as he’s the lead character in the series, but he takes more of a back seat. This was my intention from the start — to have a main set of characters but to tell the stories which happen around them. They may take centre stage at times but there’s a whole world out there with things going on which they may not be part of.

Healer was originally written in 2007 but has been heavily edited over the past few weeks. If you read it and like it (or even if you don’t like it) I’d appreciate any feedback you have.