Trollhammer Game Play

A rough idea of the game play.

Stage One

  1. Troll runs along with his / her club
  2. Houses appear in the distance
  3. As the troll gets closer villagers run from the houses
  4. Game speeds up
  5. Troll can smash the houses (some points)
  6. Some of the villagers fall behind
  7. Troll can reach and hit the stragglers (yay, lots of points!)
    • Or jump on them
    • Jump causes the ground to shake and the villagers to slow down
  8. Eventually a chasm appears:
    • All the remaining villagers fall in (boo, very few points)
    • Troll has to jump the chasm or die
  9. Repeat

Stage Two

After a few repetitions some villagers are armed with pitchforks!

Stage Three

After a few repetitions the terrain becomes uneven!

This may be tricky due to the animation involved.

Stage Four

After a few repetitions a castle wall appears with a catapult behind it!

Rinse. Repeat. Etc.

Stoo Goff

Stoo Goff is a writer, musician and programmer hailing from Norwich and now living in Glasgow. When not buried beneath a mountain of programming code or torturing guitars he can be found creating strange new lands and conjuring dreams from nothing. He regularly promises himself that he will finish the next novel and album.

He is heavily influenced by a number of writers and musicians, including: Tom Waits, Ursula Le Guin, Trent Reznor, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Gene Wolfe, Frank Miller and a host of Finnish Folk Metal.

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