Defenders of a Small World

I’m pretty sure I had to do A Small World for my very first LD in 2012. I didn’t finish but you can see a video of the game play on youtube.

My idea for this year is to have a giant planet-eating monster floating around the solar system. The player will either be a small spaceship trying to defend the solar system by killing the monster or the monster fending off tiny spaceships so it can have some planet-sized snacks.

I want to have a somewhat realistic planetary model with semi-authentic gravity which gets messed up by the monster and the disappearing planets. That might be a bit complicated so I’ll see what that involves first.

Stoo Goff

Stoo Goff is a writer, musician and programmer hailing from Norwich and now living in Glasgow. When not buried beneath a mountain of programming code or torturing guitars he can be found creating strange new lands and conjuring dreams from nothing. He regularly promises himself that he will finish the next novel and album.

He is heavily influenced by a number of writers and musicians, including: Tom Waits, Ursula Le Guin, Trent Reznor, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Gene Wolfe, Frank Miller and a host of Finnish Folk Metal.

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